Safety and Security

SAIBT and CELUSA classes are located on UniSA’s campus grounds which are considered relatively safe, however you still need to be alert about your own personal safety and risk of theft of your property. View some tips on personal safety.

UniSA have security staff on duty 24/7 on all of their campuses and are identifiable by their blue uniforms. To contact them use the security phone available at several locations on campus distinguished by a sign overhead which will automatically dial security. On internal university phones you will need to dial the extension 8888 or add the free call number 1800 500 911 to your mobile contact list. Find the security offices for each campus.

Your safety is important to UniSA and to make it easy for you they have developed a free SafeZone app for mobiles. It connects you to the security team and alerts you or them to emergencies.

Another service they offer are UniSafe escorts and vehicle escorts (limited dates through the year) where the security team can escort you to your vehicle, public transport location and approved student accommodation.

Help us keep you safe and make the campus safer for everyone by following these tips and reporting anything suspicious to SAIBT/CELUSA or Campus Security.