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SAIBT - South Australian Institute of Business and Technology has been in partnership with the University of South Australia (UniSA) since 2001. SAIBT provides pathways to almost every bachelor degree offered at the UniSA.

SAIBT is located in the historic Brookman Building on the City East campus of UniSA, right in the heart of central Adelaide. The campus is serviced by many main bus routes, with other stops no more than two blocks away. The railway station is a 15-minute walk away, so any bus or train into the city brings you within close walking distance of the campus.

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About the Classes

Most classes are four hours in duration. This time includes a lecture and a tutorial component. In addition, here may be workshops and practical sessions scheduled. There is some variation in this structure according to the nature of the individual courses and specific requirements.

Classes generally run from 8.30am-12.30pm and 1.00pm-5.00pm. Limited courses may be offered week nights from 5.00pm-9.00pm.

Four courses is the maximum for any student in any one trimester.

Due to visa conditions international students must study a minimum of 3 courses each trimester unless it is the students last trimester. There is no minimum for Australian students.

No. Because of the flexible nature of the program it is possible to progress to new courses whilst retaking those which have been failed. As three trimesters of study can be completed in one calendar year, students who fail one or more courses can get back 'on track' without loss of time.

There are three intakes per year - February, June and October.

About Adelaide

No. In the Economist Intelligence Unit's annual World Wide Cost of Living Survey, Adelaide regularly achieves an excellent ranking as one of the most affordable cities in Australia. Adelaide offers the same quality lifestyle and education opportunities as other Australian cities but at a significantly lower cost. Statistics show that Adelaide is 12% cheaper to live in than Sydney and Melbourne, Mei Cheong, who studied in South Australia tells us 'The lifestyle and quality of education were two reasons why I chose to study in Adelaide. But another attraction was the affordability. 

One in five South Australians (or 300,000 people) were born overseas - half in countries where English is not the dominant language - so we're well practised at welcoming newcomers to our city. And because South Australians come from more than 120 countries, the state has a wonderful mix of cultures and influences. There are many cultural and religious associations in Adelaide, so home is never far away.

Adelaide has quickly earned a reputation as Australia's Learning City. And its little wonder, the city has world class centres of excellence in research and training, US and British university campuses and is home to three Nobel Prize winners.
Adelaide's reputation as a premier destination for students from around the world has been forged through the brand excellence of The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, the University of South Australia and state vocational education and training provider TAFESA.

Adelaide is one of the safest cities in Australia but it is still important to think about your safety.
Police in Australia are friendly, helpful, have a duty to protect everyone and can always be safely approached. They are committed to promoting crime prevention and uphold Australia's laws. They are also there to help you in difficult situations.

New Yorker magazine once called Adelaide "the last well planned metropolis on earth" - and newcomers will soon realise this.
The city has wide streets and central squares ringed by 900 hectares of lush parklands.
In every sense this layout sets the scene for modern-day life in Adelaide. Traffic is rarely congested, people are relaxed and friendly, the air is clean and the public transport system can take you to the city's white, sandy beaches or the Adelaide Hills within half an hour.
Adelaide and the surrounding areas belong traditionally to the Kuarna people.


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