Counselling Support

Counselling Support for SAIBT and CELUSA Students

  • Finding it difficult to settle into your life or study in Adelaide?
  • Worried or stressed about your studies?
  • Confused, lonely or finding it hard to relax?
  • Angry or unhappy?
  • Depressed or anxious?
  • Feeling bothered or disrespected by another person?
  • Experienced sexual assault and harassment?
  • Upset by a crisis,trauma or loss?
  • Worried about your physical or mental health?
  • Feeling fine but would just like to talk?

Leeanne, a professional counsellor at SAIBT and CELUSA, is available for confidential support for all personal issues and difficulties — no matter how sensitive.

Leeanne D’arville

Counsellor, SAIBT & CELUSA

P: +61 8 8302 1026

0491 052 487