Academic English


CELUSA is the Centre for English Language in the University of South Australia.

CELUSA specialises in providing high-quality Academic English (AE) language preparation programs for international undergraduate and postgraduate students. The CELUSA Academic English (AE) program is for students looking to develop their skills to meet the English language admission requirements necessary for academic study at the University of South Australia, the South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT) and the Le Cordon Bleu Academy of Hospitality (LCB).

CELUSA recommends that an intense language course of at least 10 weeks will help develop the skills to lift your IELTS score by half a band score. To find out your required IELTS score search our degree programs.

CELUSA meets Australia’s national quality standards in all aspects of our language programs, which includes providing small class sizes, highly qualified and experienced teachers, state-of-the-art facilities and student support services.

Study Experience

'My English skills are remarkably enhanced, especially my speaking and my writing skills. While taking the CELUSA course, I have the opportunity to learn how to write a proper essay for university in advanced, which is really important and useful in the future. Last but not least, CELUSA’s teachers and staff are very helpful and supportive and also my peers!'

Ha Nhi (Hannah) Nguyen

2024 dates

       2024             Start Date                        End Date                       Orientation                          Location     
CC2401Monday 8 January Friday 9 February Monday 8 January On campus 
CC2402Monday 12 February Friday 15 March Monday 12 February On campus 
CC2403Monday 18 MarchFriday 19 April Monday 18 March On campus 
1 week holiday break
CC2404Monday 29 April Friday 31 May Monday 29 AprilOn campus
CC2405Monday 3 June Friday 5 July Monday 3 JuneOn campus
2 weeks holiday break
CC2406Monday 22 JulyFriday 23 AugustMonday 22 JulyOn campus
CC2407Monday 26 AugustFriday 27 SeptemberMonday 26 August On campus
1 week holiday break
CC2408Tuesday 8 OctoberFriday 8 NovemberTuesday 8 October On campus
CC2409Monday 11 NovemberFriday 13 December Monday 11 November On campus

2025 dates

       2025             Start Date                        End Date                       Orientation                          Location     
CC2501Monday 6 January Friday 7 February Monday 6 January On campus 
CC2502Monday 10 February Friday 14 March Monday 10 February On campus 
CC2503Monday 17 MarchThursday 17 April Monday 17 March On campus 
1 week holiday break
CC2504Monday 28 April Friday 30 May Monday 28 AprilOn campus
CC2505Monday 2 June Friday 4 July Monday 2 JuneOn campus
2 weeks holiday break
CC2506Monday 21 JulyFriday 22 AugustMonday 21 JulyOn campus
CC2507Monday 25 AugustFriday 26 SeptemberMonday 25 August On campus
1 week holiday break
CC2508Tuesday 7 OctoberFriday 7 NovemberTuesday 7 October On campus
CC2509Monday 10 NovemberFriday 12 December Monday 10 November On campus