Documents and Forms

Documents and Forms

Accommodation Request form is for students who need an accommodation and/or welfare arrangements for students under 18

Application for Documents is for students to obtain the below documents.

  • Letter to Confirm Study
  • Letter to Invite Visitors
  • Letter to Confirm Holiday
  • Attendance Certificates
  • Modules Outlines (Syllabus)

The process can take up to 3 working days for processing. 

Application for Transcript/Parchment is for students to obtain a copy of transcript or Graduation Certificate.
There is a cost of this service, and you will need to provide evidence of your payment when submitting the Application.

Credit Application form is for students who have commenced their study at SAIBT.

The maximum number of possible exemptions is 75% of the total modules in the current program (e.g. Diploma - 12 out of 16 modules).

Deferred Exam Application form is for students who need to request to defer their end of trimester exam for one or more modules they are currently studying.

Applications must be submitted within THREE (3) working days of the original assessment date.

If you sat the original exam and did not void, you are ineligible for a deferred exam.

Further information on exams can be accessed in the Exam section under Academic Resources

Leave of Absence is for students who have commenced study at SAIBT and wish to have an approved suspension of their studies.
If you haven’t commenced your study at SAIBT, please contact your agent or Admissions at to defer the commencement.

Refund Request form is for students who request a refund or transfer funds to their packaged programs at SAIBT or UniSA.

All students have the right to have a grievance or appeal dealt with in relation to any matter in which they feel that they have been unjustly treated or where SAIBT has not acted in accordance with its policies and procedures.
If you wish to lodge a formal appeal, please complete the Stage 2 Appeal form

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 2 appeal, please submit the Stage 3 Appeal form within ten (10) working days of the date on the Stage 2 appeal outcome letter.

Transfer of Provider Request Form is for international students who wish to transfer to another Australian education provider.

If you wish to transfer to another education provider outside of Australia, you need to complete the Withdrawal from Program form.

Tuition Fee Payment Plan Form is for students who have commenced study at SAIBT and wish to pay tuition fees by instalments under exceptional circumstances.

Variation to Exam Conditions form is for students who have learning difficulties or disability to perform at their best in examinations to request for a variation to exam conditions.

If you wish to withdraw from program and not return to study at SAIBT, please complete the below Withdrawal from Program form.
Withdrawal form for International Students – Students on a student visa.
Withdrawal form for Local Students – Australian/New Zealand citizen or holders of an Australian permanent visa.

Withdrawal from Single Module Form is for students who wish to drop a part of their subjects in current trimester.
If you wish to withdraw ALL modules and come back next trimester, you need to complete the Leave of Absence form.