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CELUSA is the Centre for English Language in the University of South Australia.

CELUSA specialises in providing high-quality Academic English (AE) language preparation programs for international undergraduate and postgraduate students. The CELUSA Academic English (AE) program is for students looking to develop their skills to meet the English language admission requirements necessary for academic study at the University of South Australia, the South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT) and the Le Cordon Bleu Academy of Hospitality (LCB).

CELUSA recommends that an intense language course of at least 10 weeks will help develop the skills to lift your IELTS score by half a band score. To find out your required IELTS score search our degree programs.

CELUSA meets Australia’s national quality standards in all aspects of our language programs, which includes providing small class sizes, highly qualified and experienced teachers, state-of-the-art facilities and student support services.


2022 Start Date End Date Orientation Date and Time Location
CC2206 Monday 25 July Friday 26 August Monday 25 July  On Campus
CC2207 Monday 29 August Friday 30 September Monday 29 August On Campus
1 week holiday break
CC2208 Monday 10 October Friday 11 November Monday 10 October On Campus
CC2209 Monday 14 November Friday 16 December Monday 14 November On Campus



2023 Start Date End Date Orientation Date and Time Location
CC2301 Monday 9 January Friday 10 February Monday 9 January On Campus
CC2302 Monday 13 February Friday 17 March Monday 13 February On Campus
CC2303  Monday 20 March Friday 21 April Monday 20 March On Campus
1 week holiday break
CC2304  Monday 1 May Friday 2 June  Monday 1 May On Campus
CC2305 Monday 5 June Friday 7 July Monday 5 June On Campus
2 week holiday break
CC2306 Monday 24 July Friday 25 August Monday 24 July On Campus
CC2307 Monday 28 August Friday 29 September Monday 28 August On Campus
1 week holiday break
CC2308 Monday 9 October Friday 10 November Monday 9 October On Campus
CC2309 Monday 13 November Friday 15 December Monday 13 November On Campus

For further information contact:


CELUSA University of South Australia

Brookman Building City East Campus

Corner of Frome Road and North Terrace

Adelaide, SA 5000

T:+61 8 8302 1555

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