Coronavirus & Return of International Students to Adelaide - Updates

South Australian Institute of Business and Technology

Our Staff

College Director and Principal

Matt Stanton

College Director and Principal

My role as College Director and Principal involves working closely with UniSA and other key stakeholders and planning for the College's future. The planning involves both the review of current programs and the development of new programs, student recruitment and retention, staffing, resources, facilities and government registration and accreditation. Our College's actions are focussed on our students' experiences, outcomes and our partner relationships.

+61 (08) 8302 1520 

Academic Directorate

Mona Umapathy

Academic Director

In my role as Academic Director, I oversee all aspects related to Learning and Teaching. This involves working with the Academic Teams at both the College and with UniSA. Learning and Teaching addresses management of the programs offered at the College, and ensuring that the delivery of the programs are undertaken by qualified and experienced staff members in line with industry best practices. The Academic Team at the College aims to provide students a well rounded learning experience that will equip them for further studies both in terms of academic knowledge and soft skills.

+61 (08) 8302 1248

Tim Sawyer

Academic Coordinator Arts

As the Academic Coordinator for the Diploma of Arts I oversee the two streams of the Arts Diploma - Communication and Media Arts. I have been a staff member with SAIBT since 2009 and I also teach in the Diploma of Health Sciences. I enjoy teaching students at the tertiary level to prepare them for their professional careers.

+61 (08) 8302 5297

Nicky Zaikis

Academic Coordinator Business

I am the academic coordinator in Business at the South Australian Business Institute & Technology (SAIBT). The 25 years’ experience I’ve gained in the area of teaching economics as both lecturer and online facilitator/coordinator has been extremely rewarding. I also have international teaching experience in Kuala Lumpur through UniSA. I was previously on the Pearson Business Advisory Board which helps develop new teaching initiatives, and review teaching and learning solutions. I have developed a keen passion for teaching students online and guiding students throughout their studies. My main interests are in economics and how to continually research ways to encourage collaboration online and improve student performance. My experience has enabled me to achieve a high level of practical and theoretical knowledge to aid in the development of rich and innovative teaching that will promote engaging and effective learning and teaching practice. Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, bike riding and long strolls on the beach with my family and dog Mikey.

Michael Ulpen

Academic Coordinator STEM

As Academic Coordinator (IT & Engineering), I oversee the modules in the Diploma of Information Technology and the Diploma of Engineering. My greatest joy as a teacher is when I receive an email from a student or graduate that says, “look what I built...” Whether you want to build videogames or submarines, I look forward to working with you and learning the tools and skills that you need to succeed.

Paul Monopoli

Academic Coordinator Core

As an Academic Coordinator, I look after the stage 1 core units and support courses, and I have been a part of the SAIBT team since 2018. I am a media researcher who enjoys working with international students and helping them develop their academic skills.

Indu Wadhawan

Academic Coordinator Health Science

In my role as Academic Coordinator (Health Science) I oversee the modules you will complete in the Health Science Diploma for SAIBT. I am a mathematician and enjoy teaching mathematics and statistics across different disciplines such as Engineering, Education, Business and Health. I had the privilege of teaching many exceptional students at SAIBT and UniSA in my career who made teaching a wonderful learning experience for me. I hope to help you succeed by assisting you throughout your learning journey as you work towards achieving your future goals.

+61 (08) 8302 5297

Student Support Team

Leeanne D'Arville

Student Counsellor

I am Leeanne, Student Counsellor at SAIBT and CELUSA.

There are many aspects to my role, the main part is to ensure a safe caring environment which recognises the diversity of students. I work closely with other teams to ensure the wellbeing of students through counselling on pastoral care matters which could include referral and / or advocacy. The best part of my role is being able to offer students a private environment to discuss their concerns and assist them to work through barriers so they are able to succeed in their academic goals.

Mornings are my favourite time of the day as there are many possibilities with the whole day ahead.



Nikka Ronolo

Student Experience Coordinator

My role involves the development, planning and coordination with staff, students and the wider community to effectively foster an environment where students feel a sense of belonging, welcomed, supported, and empowered to succeed both in academic and personal goals. It is my passion to enhance students’ academic journey by ensuring you get the most out of your student life through a wide range of opportunities, interactive and informative activities, and support session.

+61 (08) 8302 2958

Marketing Team

Chris Paleologos

Director of Marketing and Admissions

My role as Director, Marketing and Admissions is to lead the strategic direction, management and growth of marketing and student recruitment and all admissions activity. This includes development of business relationships both domestically and internationally. Having been in the education sector for a few years I have a passion for helping students reach their goals, I love what I do, one of the most satisfying aspects of my role is changing people's lives. At SAIBT we offer the fastest pathways into the University of South Australia and our College's priorities are focussed on our positive student experiences, working closely with our partner UniSA.

+61 (08) 8302 7402


Shirley Ma

Marketing Manager

My role at SAIBT is to provide support and assistance to students and education agents. I look after students and agents in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and here in Australia. I really enjoy working in the education industry and making a positive impact on the lives of students. I look forward to welcoming you to Adelaide!

+61 (08) 8302 1500

Thilina Vidanapathirana

Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager at SAIBT and CELUSA, I build and maintain close relationships with South Asia, African, Middle East, and Europe agents and students. I am passionate about meeting new people from different countries and cultures. As a newcomer to Adelaide, I have felt really at home here and have noticed that the city has a lot to offer. I look forward to helping more and more students to receive the best educational experience of their lives. Welcome to SAIBT!

+61 (08) 8302 1500


Pip Allen

Marketing Manager

It’s my role to talk with students here in Adelaide, often visiting their schools and running information sessions; I’m available to help with any questions or with the Application process. I am also one of the people you may be chatting with on our Facebook page or through Instagram! SAIBT has been a big part of my life, my brother studied at SAIBT and recommended it to me; after finishing my studies here I was then lucky enough to land a job! I have made lifelong friends with so many of my work colleagues and have had the privilege of helping so many vibrant students.

+61 (08) 8302 2601 

Admissions Team

Rada Lalic

Admissions Manager

In my role as Admissions Manager I oversee all International and Domestic applications and Admissions processes for SAIBT and CELUSA. I thoroughly enjoy working in the always evolving world of education, and together with my colleagues it is rewarding knowing that we can make a positive impact on the lives of students who choose to study at SAIBT. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have in relation to your application. I look forward to welcoming you in Adelaide!

+61 (08) 8302 2344

Kate Huang

Admissions and Recruitment Officer

Hi, I am Kate, Admissions and Recruitment Officer at SAIBT.

My role is to assess applications, issue offers and CoEs as well as respond to inquiries and to assist the marketing team to recruit students. I enjoy working in the education industry and making a positive impact on the lives of students

+61 (08) 8302 2647

Delia Kim

Admissions and Recruitment Officer

Hi, I am Delia Kim, Admissions and Recruitment Officer at CELUSA and SAIBT. My role is to process and assess applications including issuing Offers and CoEs based on standards and policies that are aligned with the requirements to CELUSA and SAIBT. I also respond enquiries prior to the application stage. Working closely with Marketing team, I provide assistance with recruitment and conversion activities.

I look forward to meeting you at CELUSA and SAIBT.

+61 (08) 8302 2938

Student and Academic Services Team

Miri Kim

Student & Academic Services Manager

In my role as Student & Academic Services Manager, I ensure that Student & Academic Services (SAS) team deliver high-quality services to our students from their arrival at SAIBT through to their graduation and transition into the University.

I have been working in the education field for more than 20 years, and am always glad that I can meet students from all over the world and be with their academic journey and support them.   

+61 (08) 8302 1555

Trang Faehse

Student & Academic Services Coordinator

I am responsible for overseeing functions and tasks involved in student activities and administrative services also, coordinating organisational processes for the college and providing administrative support to staff.

I enjoy being immersed in our culturally diverse student body and sharing their enthusiasm whilst they undertake their academic studies.

+61 (08) 8302 1555

Catherine Olifent

Student & Academic Services Officer

My role as a Student and Academic Services Officer is to improve students' experience and administration processes. I look forward to meeting new students at Orientation and assisting them with enrolment thought to Graduation and everything in-between.

+61 (08) 8302 1555

Mina Liu

Student & Academic Services Officer

With my multi-language skills, I am here to assist you with any problems you may encounter during your time studying at SAIBT such as course progression, program requirements, enrolment as well as financial related queries. I enjoy working with our students and would like to enhance learning experiences for anyone who chooses to study with SAIBT.

+61 (08) 8302 1555

Caroline Parkinson

Student & Academic Services Officer (on maternity leave)

Hi, I'm Caroline, a Student and Academic Services Officer at SAIBT. I'm involved in a variety of behind the scenes tasks to help throughout your student journey, from Orientation to Graduation.

My focus is on student experience, working to make sure you get the best out of your time at SAIBT. Adelaide is such a great place to live, work and study and I really enjoy seeing new faces coming through to make the most of this exciting experience!

+61 (08) 8302 1555

Callum Patrick

Student & Academic Services Officer

My role in Student and Academic Services is to help make students' study as smooth as possible by answering questions about studies or experience, arranging activities and appointments, checking progress, and taking applications.

The best part of my day is seeing a student leave with a smile, so don't be afraid to drop by if you have a question!

+61 (08) 8302 1555

Eve Southasee

Student & Academic Services Officer

My role as a Student & Academic Services Officer at SAIBT & CELUSA is to assist and support students with any enquiries relating to their study. I really enjoy working in the education industry and getting to know students from all over the world.

+61 (08) 8302 1598

Mijoo Seo

Student & Academic Services Officer 

My role as a Student and Academic Services Officer is to assist students with a variety of enquires relating to study and life as a student at SAIBT. My favourite part of the role is getting to know students and I really enjoy making a make a positive impact on the lives of students to support on their personal and professional goals.

+61 (08) 8302 1555

Cecelia King

Student & Academic Services Officer

My role is to provide an effective and customer-focused frontline support service to students. To deliver efficient and professional information, advice and support to meet the needs of students on a range of personal, pastoral and academic issues.

+61 (08) 8302 1555

Robyn Tietz

Student & Academic Services Officer

My role at SAIBT & CELUSA is to assist students during their orientation and enrolment, and to provide support throughout the students time studying with us.

+61 (08) 8302 1555

Accommodation Team

Meredith Biggs

Accommodation Officer

A big part of my role in Accommodation is to help students [and their agents] to make the right accommodation choice and that is what I am passionate about - helping students to achieve just that! Also after arriving, students may need someone to talk to as settling into a new home environment can take a little time. If you are under 18, then I look forward to getting to know you during regular catch-ups as it is important you feel happy and settled. If students are not feeling settled with their accommodation - it is my mission to make sure we work together to achieve a happy outcome!

My office door is open for help or just a chat - no need to make an appointment! I love the opportunity of getting to know students so please pop in and say hello. See you soon in Adelaide!

+61 (08) 8302 1027

Alana Barros - Ranieri

Accommodation and Sponsor Liasion Officer

I have two parts of my role. One is to assist students in seeking appropriate accommodation and providing support to the under 18 students. Secondly, it is to provide support to sponsors and students who are receiving sponsorship. I have a passion for working with international students and supporting them on their journey.

+61 (08) 8302 1027