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Academic Integrity

3 Steps to Academic Integrity

Follow these three steps to help avoid plagiarism in your assignments

1. Paraphrase

Rewrite the idea in your own words. Try to understand it first and write a paraphrase without looking at the original. If you must copy the text, use direct quotes to show it is a direct copy. This use should be limited.

2. In-text reference

Include the author’s family name and year.

  • After the paraphrase/ quote: (Hammarley, 2014)
  • As part of the sentence: Hammarley (2014) suggests...

3. Reference list

Include all sources used in your assignment.

  • In alphabetical order by author’s family name
  • Each resource type is written in a different way
  • Refer to the Harvard Referencing Guide or the UniSA Roadmap to referencing website:

For help with these skills and to enrol in the free Tertiary Skills Development course, please contact:

Rebekah Nagel, Student Learning Advisor Email: Rebekah