Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirements

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements and Student Visa Refusals


Please be reminded of the following important points when assessing students for being both genuine students and genuine temporary entrants:

  • The Statement of Purpose the student supplies to SAIBT and/or the Department of Home Affairs (HA) should:
    • Specifically address each of the questions asked;
    • Not be vague or abstract;
    • Explain any questionable aspects of the application including:
      • Gaps between studies;
      • Change in area of study;
      • Lack of course progression eg. Diploma to Diploma.

    Failure to do so may result in GTE refusal from SAIBT or visa refusal from HA.

    • It is imperative that students be honest in answering questions in their GTE and visa applications as well as any further questions from HA.
    • HA has access to student information and immigration history. Any false information or failure to disclose information will be uncovered. This will likely result in a visa refusal (as has been evidenced).
    • In accordance with SAIBT’s policy, if applicants are deemed to be non-GTE, they are ineligible for admission into both SAIBT and UniSA for a period of 2 years from the date of GTE refusal.

Visa refusals

If your student has had a visa refusal for a SAIBT program (or package), please:

  • Notify SAIBT of your student’s visa refusal as soon as possible:
  • Do not immediately re-lodge the visa application. SAIBT will be notified via PRISMS of the visa refusal and will cancel the student’s CoE accordingly;
  • Be aware that it is extremely rare for SAIBT to issue a new CoE where a student has had a visa refusal;
  • If you consider that there are exceptional circumstances in relation to your student’s visa refusal and wish to reapply, send an email (address above) to explain these circumstances and SAIBT following consultation with UniSA will confirm whether a new CoE will be issued. As mentioned, this is generally rare, especially where the visa refusal was for fraud and/or being non-GTE.

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