SAIBT Essentials

SAIBT Essentials

Required online activity for all new students

Complete by the end of Week 1

Designed to prepare you for your studies at SAIBT

  • Using the SAIBT portal and Moodle
  • Importance of correct referencing and paraphrasing
  • How to submit assignments using Turnitin
  • Find out about support programs available
  • Test your English level

For more information contact:

Jane Emmett, Academic Coordinator – Learning Support E

Access through Moodle on the portal

  1. Select Moodle from the menu in the student portal.
  2. Select SAIBT Essentials from the course list
  3. Work through the required activities.
  4. When complete, you will see confirmation SAIBT Essentials Complete.

This is an online course only and there is no regular class time for SAIBT Essentials (ignore what is says on your timetable). Jane Emmett, Academic Coordinator – Learning Support E