FEE‑HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that assists eligible fee paying students to pay all or part of their tuition fees.

You are eligible for FEE‑HELP if you:

are studying at SAIBT or an approved FEE‑HELP are an Australian Citizen, NZ SCV holder or Permanent Humanitarian Visa holder are enrolled in an eligible Diploma at SAIBT have not exceeded the FEE‑HELP limit

There is a loan fee imposed by the Government on all FEE-HELP loans. Repayments can be made through the taxation system along with other Higher Education loans. Compulsory repayments commence once taxable income reaches a threshold and voluntary repayments can be made at any time.

For information on financial assistance for your study, please go to the StudyAssist website.

For detailed information on FEE-HELP and to find out if you are eligible, please go to the FEE-HELP website.


Centrelink is an Australian Government office, operating within the Department of Human Services, and provides income support payments for eligible Australian students. SAIBT's programs have been approved by Centrelink, so eligible Australian students may be able to access income support payments while studying at SAIBT. For more information about accessing income support payments, please refer to the website.

Other associated FEE-HELP information